> Molecular Mechanisms Core

Dr. Michael Salbaum

The Genomics Core will provide services in genomics such as:
  • Sanger DNA sequencing and fragment analysis service
  • Quantitative PCR instruments provided for cost effective shared use with support for experimental design, instrument and software use, and data analysis
  • Microarray analysis service including experiment consultation, RNA quality control, labeling of RNA, hybridization of microarray chips, scanning, and data production
  • Next-generation sequencing including consultation for experimental design, grant writing support, library creation service or assistance, instrument run, and data analysis
  • Robotic pipetting for quantitative PCR and custom pipetting projects
  • Western blot analysis instrument including in-cell westerns of tissue cultures
  • XF24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer, an instrument that simultaneously measures the two major energy yielding pathways - aerobic respiration and glycolysis as a shared instrument with support for experiment design and troubleshooting and instrument training
  • Standardized package of analyzed data for microarray and next-generation sequencing experiments to include as appropriate gene lists with expression data and annotation, cluster and Venn analysis, genome mapping, and gene list literature searches such that the investigator is provided with a “jump start” to publication and/or additional experimentation
  • Software analysis solutions for primer and probe design, sequence alignment, and data analysis for microarray and next-generation sequencing, statistical analysis, and literature searching
  • To provide instrumentation and expertise for quality control and accurate quantitation of RNA and DNA templates

Core Services
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Dr. David Burk

The Cell Biology & Bioimaging Core will develop and eventually provide services in cell biology and bioimaging such as:

  • Histology and specipmen preparation
  • Imaging
  • Flow cytometry/cell sorting