Become a Member

Greetings! We are pleased to invite you to membership in the new Pennington Biomedical Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC).

Benefits of membership:

  • Access to "insider information
    • NORC members have access thru the NORC website to our selection of the "hottest" publications in obesity and nutrition. We will post PDF files of articles as they break.
    • The NORC focus is not only obesity; we have a special interest in "nutritional programming" and intend to foster discussion and research in this new and exciting area.
  • Funding for your research
    • NORC members can apply in response to our annual RFP for pilot/feasibility funds to support novel research in obesity/nutrition. Total available funds of $100,000 will be split among awardees
  • Networking/Collaboration opportunities
    • You will have an opportunity to network at the annual meeting and at seminars with other scientists who share your interests.
  • Discounted rates on NORC Core services
    • You will receive special subsidized rates on research services provided by our three Cores.
  • Access to Enrichment Activities
    • NORC members receive notice of and first chance at attending our symposia, workshops and annual retreat. The NORC invites outside speakers in obesity and in nutritional programming. Additionally, we will notify members about conferences and seminars of interest.

Who is eligible? Anyone with a doctoral degree and an interest in obesity and nutrition.

How much does it cost? Its free!

What do I have to do to join? S Email the following douments to Jaqueline Fox at (1) your NIH Biographical sketch, (2) CV with publication list, and (3) your other support.