As a part of the Postdoctoral Training Program, all postdocs complete a two-semester series of graduate-level courses in molecular and clinical nutrition. These courses were established within the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at Louisiana State University. Instruction is provided by Pennington Biomedical faculty members, many of whom are NORC members and hold faculty appointments in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at LSU. The Director of the Division of Scientific Education at Pennington Biomedical and NORC Enrichment Director, Dr. Phillip Brantley, serves as the coordinator for the courses.

The major content areas of the two courses include nutrient metabolism, regulation and integration nutrient and hormone effects at the cellular, subcellular, and gene levels, energy intake and energy expenditure, nutrient-system interactions, immune function, genetic basis of nutritional related disorders including obesity, and clinical nutritional research approaches and techniques from the individual to populations.

NFS 7004 Molecular and Clinical Nutrition I focuses on basic science research methods in obesity research. This course is offered in the fall of even numbered years.

NFS 7005 Molecular and Clinical Nutrition II highlights key themes and methods used in clinical and population research with a particular emphasis on obesity and its related diseases. This course is offered in fall semesters of even numbered years.