Nutritional Programming: Environmental and Molecular Interactions

How to acknowledge the NORC in manuscripts:

Under Acknowledgements add: This work was partially supported by a NORC Center Grant # P30DK072476 entitled “Nutritional Programming: Environmental and Molecular Interactions” sponsored by NIDDK.
The mission of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC):

"To facilitate and promote collaborative and multi-disciplinary interactions that will foster new research ideas and enhance the translation of basic nutritional research findings into the clinical arena and ultimately into practical application."  

More specifically, the Pennington NORC has chosen “Nutritional Programming: Environmental and Molecular Interactions” as a central focus for the NORC to develop. This focus is based upon emerging interest in epigenetic phenomena, such as how events in prenatal and early postnatal life can influence the risk for the development of obesity and metabolic syndrome in later adulthood.

Basic science and clinical data indicate that an interaction between genes and early life environmental conditions is important in the development of obesity and the different facets of the metabolic syndrome.

Our aim is to focus the NORC’s efforts around this emerging and important theme. We are however continuing our research in nutrition and obesity.